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     Thank you for visiting the BOOM-STICK Holsters web site. I am pleased to announce that we are within a couple months of being completely caught up on orders. Due to unforeseen complications, many of my operating costs spiraled out of control. To overcome this, I had to complete a new order and use the income to pay for the difference on an old one, and continually repeat the process. This is why the order list never up-dated; there were still a few orders from that time frame that I could not yet afford to build.

     I have made some drastic changes to this business in order to better handle demand in a more timely manner. One of these changes is stream lining my holster offerings to the options that were most popular among you, my customers, and making them standard. I have started with the two most popular configurations for a limited number of firearms. I will expand to more holster styles and more supported pistol models as I am able to re-tool.

     Thank you all so much for your patience and your support. Please keep checking back as I will be overhauling the web site to reflect the new changes very soon.

If you haven't received an e-mail within the last month regarding the status of your order, or you have any questions at all, please contact me:



Welcome to BOOM-STICK Holsters!!

     I manufacture high quality holsters and related equipment for concealed carry enthusiasts and off duty professionals.

     Please keep checking back as I will continue to update this site with more options, pictures, and holsters styles.

  • 7/27/09 - Web Site re-design has begun. Please stay in touch and check back often!
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